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Dr Shelley Cavezza - Functional Doctor Sunshine Coast

My goal is to support and empower you to take charge of your health and regain the energy and vitality you used to have!

I hope to share with you my insights from years of scientific research and teaching to help you achieve your targeted health, weight loss and/or anti-aging goals. I am particularly interested in using the Functional Medicine systematic approach to health that focuses on nutrition, personalised genetics, and lifestyle interventions.
I am a scientist with a PhD in BioMedical Science from the University of Sydney and over 20 years’ experience as a Principle Research Scientist. I have led and conducted many national and international research projects in the areas of molecular and cell biology, immunology, allergy, genetics, functional nutrition, and natural therapies. I have authored over 80 research papers in peer reviewed scientific journals, and contributed to significant improvements in related clinical practice. I recently completed a Certificate in Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice in the United States (with the Institute of Functional Medicine), and have post-graduate training in translational nutrigenomics, human nutrition, and personal DNA profiling.
A bit more about my background. I grew up in New Zealand but completed all my undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Australia. I worked at the Menzies School of Health Research in Darwin for over 15 years, an institute focused on improvements in Indigenous Health. I worked alongside specialist physicians, epidemiologists, nutritionists, nurses and Indigenous health workers and led an integrated biomedical program towards improving skin health in remote Indigenous communities. Although my work was very rewarding, I soon came to realise that the poor health of many indigenous people living in remote areas often related to the enormous challenges they faced in obtaining fresh vegetables and fruits to eat.
In 2010, I moved to the Sunshine Coast and took up a position as Associate Professor in Immunology at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Here, as well as teaching, I continued my career in research but found myself more and more attracted to investigating  the causes of ill health (rather than new vaccines and treatments) and the development of natural therapies.  I am now consulting part time in my new area of passion – Functional Medicine Nutrition. My aim is to use my skills and expertise towards optimising the health and wellness of my clients through the assimilation of both cutting edge scientific evidence, traditional medicines, and individual needs.
Some clients will get the results they are looking for by incorporating specific eating plans, exercise, relaxation or meditation into their daily life. Others will need specific supplements based on their personal DNA profile that will build upon a strong foundation of nutritional and lifestyle changes.

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