For the love of skin - Shelley Cavezza, PhD

For the love of skin

You know how people you haven’t seen for a while pick up changes in you that you yourself may not have noticed?

I was having lunch with an old school friend I haven’t seen for a couple of years. Over lunch I caught her looking at my face intently a few times. Eventually I asked, “What is it?”She said, “Your face…have you had work done?”

I was a bit taken aback. “No,” I said, “Why?”

“Your skin just looks so smooth and young,” she said, “I mean, we spent a lot of time at the beach well into our 20’s, and look at me, all that sun damage and wrinkles! You just haven’t aged like I have. What are you using?”

I was really surprised by that. I have been trying a new range of skin products, but only for a couple of weeks. I could feel the changes in my skin, it felt softer and more supple. But I didn’t realise how big a difference it made in my appearance — my old school friend certainly noticed.

I told her about the new product range I’ve been trying.“I need to do something.” she said, “Nothing I’ve tried so far has made any difference.”

I explained that these were not your standard off-the-shelf creams. They were therapeutic grade and there was a lot of anti-ageing science behind them. Which was the reason I was so keen to try them for myself.

I spend my days designing nutrition and wellness programs for my clients to help them stop the ageing process from the inside, and I have been looking for skin products that are also able to reduce the signs of ageing from the outside, by feeding the skin what it needs to reawaken and regenerate new healthy cells. These skin products have certainly proven themselves.

Problem was, they were not available in Australia. But I’ve seen the results for myself and I was so passionate about what these products can do, I’ve spoken to the company. I am happy to say I’m now their sole Australian distributor, so you can buy these through my web site.