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Functional Medicine
Health & Wellness Optimisation

with Shelley Cavezza, PhD

Focusing on

  • autoimmune disorders – psoriasis, arthritis, thyroid, adrenal dysfunction
  • allergy and food intolerance
  • digestive disorders – coeliac, IBD, IBS
  • fatigue
  • chronic pain
  • mood and anxiety issues
  • improved performance – mental and physical
  • longevity, anti-aging and disease prevention
  • weight and body fat reduction
I will work with you directly to help you determine ways to improve your health and wellness using a personalised nutrition and functional medicine approach.
I will help you develop an overall plan for improving YOUR health with actionable priorities to implement.
I will discuss your health history and lifestyle and suggest possible tests that would be useful to provide greater information on your health.
I will analyse your personal DNA profiling data for specific genes known to be associated with health outcomes and how you respond to key components in your diet.
I will review the results of food logs, and nutrient and blood measurements for markers of health and nutritional status.
I will discuss lifestyle, and dietary approaches that may be beneficial to you and discuss cost effective options for supplement support.
I will provide ongoing support to help keep you accountable and motivated to achieve your health goals and help with any problems that may arise
I cannot diagnose you with a disease but I can discuss possible ways to prevent or manage a disease.
My fee is not claimable with your health insurance but I will provide you with a receipt for your payment.

I offer hourly consultations, or health and wellness packages. Consultations take place face to face or if you prefer over the phone or skype. 


In the BACK TO WELLNESS package, a long-term relationship is developed. Four consultation sessions are scheduled, and you pay an upfront fee covering the whole package all at once. Before the first consultation, you fill out a questionnaire about your past and current health, and future health goals.  

During the first one and half hour consultation, we do a deep dive into your health status, discuss your health goals, and together develop a strategic plan to achieve your goals. From this information, I prepare a detailed health report and a personalised health management plan with recommendations.

The next three forty-five-minute consultations are booked in the following six months to review recommended test results, review progress, and adjust the program when necessary.

In between sessions, I will offer you email support, analyse any further test results, or do any research that we mutually agree is relevant. After each consultation, you will receive a letter with a summary of our discussion and a health management plan to focus on during the next month.


In the Health Consultation, you book one-hour consultation. Prior to the consultation, you will fill out a questionnaire about your past and current health status and health goals. If you have previous test results, I can either review them during the session or if you prefer, assess them before we meet. Either way, time spent on the analysis is directly charged.

During this consultation samples for genetic testing will be collected (if requested) and/or functional medicine (FM) tests relevant to your health issue recommended.

A second consultation will be booked to review your personalised genetic profile and/or FM test results. Further appointments to review progress are booked on an as needs basis.


The main benefits of hourly consultation is the flexibility and the low upfront fee. One or two hour consults could help you achieve the key insights you need to begin to make progress on your own.

The main benefit of the Back to Wellness package is you receive a detailed Health Report and a Personalised Health Management Plan.  Additional benefits include the following:

You save on any data analysis and research that I do outside the consultation.
You get email support between sessions that isn’t included in the hourly rate.
The long-term relationship allows me to help you with motivation and accountability.

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I look forward to working with you!

Functional Medicine Nutritionist

It’s time to take care of your health & maximise your potential!

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